Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the class sizes per academic level?

    Early Explorers to Pre-K4 will have 8-14 children per class
    Kindergarten classes will have 14-16 children per class
  • 2. How can Parents and Family members be involved?

    Several ways a parent or family member can be involved is to join the students in participating in our community involvement projects. Please click HERE to see our current event schedule. We also welcome parents and family members for volunteer book readings in our Library. Family members are also encouraged to help with school events.
  • 3. Do you have a Mentorship Program?

    Yes, Baylake Academy has established a “Kindergarten to Pre-K” mentorship program to have our older students mentor our younger students. This reinforces the importance of developing relationships and sharing knowledge. This type of support inspires social as well as personal development through school work, communication and/or activities.
  • 4. Do you have a summer program?

    Yes, we are establishing a Summer Program full of fun activities while maintaining an academic structure. We look forward to launching this program Summer of 2022!
  • 5. What does my child need for the first day of school?

    Your child’s first day and everyday with Baylake Academy will be an exciting experience. We have provided the below list of supplies per class level:

    Early Explorers and Pre-K2: Nap mat (all-in-one), an extra change of season appropriate clothes, diapers/pull-ups 

    Pre-K3 and Pre-K4: Nap mat (all-in-one), an extra change of season appropriate clothes

    All Students: For the 2021/22 Academic Year, we will be limiting the cross-use of supplies between students. With that being said we kindly ask that all students come prepared with the following:

    • Backpack to hold all supplies
    • Daily Lunch
    • Smock for art class
    • Box of tissues for the class
    • Labeled supply pouch to hold belongings, which will be provided by the school
    • Crayons, Markers (washable), 1 pair of age-appropriate scissors, 2 glue sticks
    • Pencils, Colored Pencils, Erasers (Pre-K4 & Kindergarten only)

  • 6. With the Baylake Academy Program, does a kindergarten student transition easily to 1st grade?

    ​Absolutely! Our curriculum is, from day one, designed to mature the minds of our students. We perform periodic assessments to ensure graduation readiness.
  • 7. What ISO standards are used for measuring the quality of education?

    ISO 21001:2108
  • 8. Do you have a snack and lunch program?

    Baylake Academy believes in a healthy mind as well as body and values providing nutritious well-balanced snacks to our students. An example of our snack calendar will be posted soon. Parents should provide a packed lunch.
  • 9. Does Baylake Academy have a dress code?

    The dress code objective of Baylake Academy is for the students to demonstrate a clean and neat appearance. We believe each student should strive to be their best inside and out.

    Boys- We require a collared shirt, a button-down shirt, a sweater, or a polo style shirt. Khaki pants or a similar style is accepted along with the choice of appropriate shorts for warmer days.

    Girls- We require a blouse, collared shirt, sweater, shorts, pants, skirt, or dress of appropriate length. Leggings may be worn only under skirts, dresses, or shirts that are mid-thigh or longer.

    Boys and girls are not permitted to wear jeans, T-shirts, athletic clothing, sweatpants, cutoff or frayed clothing, and clothes should be of appropriate length.

    Friday is school spirit day! Your child may wear their Baylake Academy T-shirt and appropriate jeans.