Network of Experts

We are fortunate to work with a network of well-recognized experts that are highly involved in supporting our mission, curriculum and student development throughout the year. Our Network of Experts is continuously evolving, and we look forward to expanding this network.

Dr. Charles Camarda

Dr. Charles Camarda

Engineering, Innovation, Aerospace, and Education

Dr. Charles Camarda retired from NASA in May 2018, after 46 years of continuous service as a research engineer and technical manager at Langley Research Center (LaRC), an Astronaut and Senior Executive (Director of Engineering) at Johnson Space Center (JSC), and as the Senior Advisor for Innovation and Engineering Development at LaRC.
He began his career at LaRC in 1974 where he conducted thermal structures research for hypersonic vehicles for 22 years. He developed innovative passive, semi-passive, and active thermal protection systems including heat-pipe-cooled leading edges, high temperature composite structures, and reusable cryogenic propellant tank concepts.

He was selected as an Astronaut Candidate in 1996 and flew as a Mission Specialist on STS-114, NASA’s Return-to-Flight (RTF) mission immediately following the Columbia disaster. He was responsible for initiating several teams to successfully diagnose the cause of the Columbia tragedy and also developed an on-orbit, wing leading edge repair capability which was flown on his RTF mission and all successive Shuttle missions until the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program in 2011.

Dr. Camarda is an inventor, author, educator, and internationally recognized invited speaker on subjects related to engineering, engineering design, innovation, safety, organizational behavior, and education. He has over 60 technical publications, holds 9 patents, and over 20 national and international awards including: an IR-100 Award for one of the top 100 technical innovations; the NASA Spaceflight Medal, an Exceptional Service Medal; the American Astronautical Society 2006 Flight Achievement Award, and he was inducted into the Air and Space Cradle of Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame in 2017.

Dr. Camarda is the Founder/CEO of the Epic Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation seeking to democratize education for learners at all levels and he is the President of an aerospace engineering and education consultancy, Leading Edge Enterprises LLC.

Jo Anne P. Crouse

Jo Anne P. Crouse

Health & Wellness, Nutrition

Jo Anne. P. Crouse is the founder of Wholistic Harmony, a health and lifestyle coaching practice dedicated to cultivating wellness through nutrition, exercise and transpersonal development. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach with advanced studies in Family Nutrition, the Gut-Brain Connection and Eating Psychology. She also holds a certificate to teach yoga through universal movement yoga studio, a studio she created in 2000. In 2005, a personal health crises challenged Jo Anne to expand her commitment to the concept of holistic healing. Working with an Internist and her own intuition, she developed a treatment program that focuses on food sensitivities, holistic nutrition, and exercise. Her conviction to bridge Eastern and Western philosophies was critical. In 2007, she gave up her yoga studio to take a restorative time out and to deepen her studies with some of the world’s most renowned leaders in holistic medicine and transpersonal development. What began as a journey of self-healing has evolved into a renewed commitment to the education and support of those seeking a drug free path to health and well-being. Her story is one of courage and perseverance often taking the road less traveled in the quest for truth, harmony and wholeness. For more information, please visit:

Shari Beasley

Shari Beasley

Physical Fitness

Shari Beasley born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now living in Virginia for the past 34 years has been married to her wonderful husband Brock Beasley for 23 years. They have a daughter who attends George Mason University studying Kinesiology and when she is not studying, she is a certified personal trainer like her mother and works at Anytime Fitness. Shari has volunteered her time coordinating donations of food to fill the holiday baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas for families in need at Baylake United Methodist Church. She also was the Upward Soccer League Director based out of Baylake UMC for 13 years.

Currently she is a fitness specialist for Morale, Wellness and Recreation (MWR) working with the Navy, she organizes exercises for PT Commands and Fitness Enhancement Programs(FEP). She teaches group exercise classes such as Spin, HIIT, Yoga and Step classes.  Prior to working at MWR she ran her own fitness training business for 20 years.  In addition to running her own business and overseeing the Upward Soccer Program, she also coached girls’ volleyball and basketball at Baylake Pines School and Chesapeake Bay Academy.

As a business owner and fitness specialist she is certified through NASM/AFAA as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Through the Navy she maintains her certifications for Command Fitness Leader Trainer, Mission Nutrition certification and Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Certification (NOFFs).

With her experience as trainer, coach and Navy Fitness Specialist she is very excited to be affiliated with Baylake Academy and looks forward to implementing a safe and active fitness plan for the students.