Summer Program

We are excited to open enrollment for our Summer Program! Your child will have the opportunity to experience a summer filled with science, technology, engineering, math, and arts in an engaging age-appropriate environment.  Enroll your child now and allow them to explore advanced topics of interest while meeting new friends who share their enthusiasm for learning. Families will have the option of selecting the summer program by the month (June, July, and/or August) or for the full summer (June through August).

Summer Program by Age:

  • Early Explorers (16 months – 2 years old; must be between 16 months – 2 years old by start date)
  • Pre-K2 (must be 2 years old by start date)
  • Pre-K2.5 (must be 2.5 years old by start date)
  • Pre-K3 (must have turned 3 years old as of September 30th, 2021)
  • Pre-K4 (must have turned 4 years old as of September 30th, 2021)
  • Kindergarten (must have turned 5 years old as of September 30th, 2021)
  • 1st-3rd Grade (current 1st-3rd graders)

Summer Weekly Focus:

June 6th-10th: Let’s Go Garden

Students will kick off the Summer with designing, building, and planting their own garden. Students will learn to care for their plants through the summer months.

June 13th-17th: Master Chefs

With nutrition as the focus, students learn the art of measuring and mixing ingredients and how items blend to create yummy dishes they can share.

June 20th-24th: Little Picasso

From expressionism to collage to conceptual this week students will be fully immersed into the styles of art.

June 27th-July 1st: Animal Planet

Study the characteristics and habitats of various animals across our globe. Students will enjoy exciting and interactive animal visits.

July 4th-8th: All American Road Trip

Discover the USA through a week of in-depth curriculum designed to help children learn about our great country.

July 11th-15th: Under the Stars

Look up and see the stars! Students discover our galaxy and the plants within!

July 18th-22nd: Living in Space

NASA astronaut, Dr. Charles Camarda, will visit our school and talk to the children about his experiences in space. Students will learn what it is like to live in the international space station and have the opportunity to create an astronaut suit and even try astronaut food.

July 25th-29th: Under the Sea

From shore to the deepest parts of our oceans students will enjoy learning about the interesting creatures that live beneath. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center will be visiting students this week and bringing some friends.

August 1st-5th: Shark Week

Students will learn fascinating facts about these beautiful and spine-chilling creatures.

August 8th-12th: Pirates and Exploration

“Arrrgh Matey”. Let’s have a blast exploring the pirate history of our own community.

August 15th-19th: Dinosaurs

What child doesn’t love dinosaurs? Dig, identify, and learn about these large and beautiful creatures of our past.

August 22nd-26th: Mad Science

Let’s visit the lab! Allow your child to render concoctions from various ingredients to make chemical reactions sure to wow.