Our Philosophy


“We inspire independent thinkers, compassionate world citizens, and future leaders.”

The mission of Baylake Academy is to engage and encourage every student to reach their full potential with individualized instruction and interactive activities to stimulate curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity, and problem solving.

Core Values

  • Bring your best
  • Innovate and grow every day
  • Communication is key
  • Inclusion and diversity make us stronger
  • Work together, succeed together
  • Share knowledge
  • Be kind – we care deeply about each other, our children and parents, and the world around us
  • Give back to one another and throughout the community

Who We Serve

Baylake Academy is a high quality, exemplary school, where young children ages 6 weeks to kindergarten are provided a strong foundation to succeed. Whether the future holds private preparatory school, or the public educational setting, Baylake Academy will exceed the expectations of our community in the area of early childhood education. We embrace children of all backgrounds, desiring to create a loving and excepting environment where all children will thrive.

How We are Unique

Baylake Academy sets itself apart by utilizing an interactive creative methodology. Our small class sizes allow our educators to provide individualized and differentiated instruction to meet and exceed the needs of each of our students. Our culture establishes an environment nurturing a healthy mind and body by providing nutritious well-balanced food choices. We apply knowledge management techniques to stimulate knowledge creation, invention, and innovation in our students as well as our team members. This approach enables us to achieve the goals of our mission in a playful learning environment.

Measures of Quality

Baylake Academy measures quality of education using International Standards Organization (ISO) 21001:2018 Standards which is aimed at developing and improving our processes to address the needs and expectations of our clientele. Student assessments are regulated screenings and facilitate initial placement, progress monitoring, and literacy evaluations.

Baylake Academy uses the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Complete Assessment Kit III which includes Early Childhood Screens III as well as the Inventory of Early Development (IED) III.

The Core Assessments in the Early Childhood Screens III, available in three age-specific volumes (birth to seven years old), have been nationally standardized, producing scores that are highly reliable, valid, and accurate. Assessment items in the age-specific screens are norm-referenced as well as criterion-referenced and cover a broad sampling of a child’s skills and behaviors.

The IED III contains more than 100 developmental assessments that cover school readiness skills in key early learning skills areas:

  • Aids in planning individualized instruction based on valid and reliable assessment results
  • Measures progress toward school readiness goals
  • Ensures strong alignment with the College and Career Readiness Standards as well as state early learning standards
  • Enables a deeper understanding of each child’s specific strengths and needs and to measure progress toward school-readiness goals

Key developmental areas are aligned to state and national early learning standards and state academic standards, including the Common Core State Standards. Both assessments cover the following domains:

  • Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills)
  • Language Development (Receptive Language Skills and Expressive Language Skills)
  • Adaptive Behavior (Self-help Skills and Social-Emotional Development)
  • Academic Skills/Cognitive Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Daily Living
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning

BRIGANCE Assessment, customized for each student, supports the educational goals of Baylake Academy enabling an individualized approach to evaluations during the academic year.