preschool art classes

Early Explorers

Interaction with musical instruments promotes physical activity as well as exposure to the different sounds made by the various instruments. Animal imitation is one form of theatrics enjoyed by our young students. Dressing up and playing pretend also encourages using the imagination. Crayon color selection and painting inspires our students’ creativity.


The Pre-K2 class enjoys an interactive approach to the fine arts. The introduction to different types of music help promote their creation of different forms of dance movements. Theatrics are encouraged through animal imitation and sing along. While abstract art in the form of your child’s finger paintings reinforce color recognition.


Architecture is introduced by identifying the different types of buildings, e.g. skyscrapers and homes. Pre-K3 students are taught the theory of music, e.g. rhythm, melody, and pitch. Art in this class begins by understanding the different types of drawings and paintings. Our Pre-K3 students are taught how to interpret these areas of the fine arts.


The more advanced forms of fine art like sculpture, cinema, and painting are embedded in activities to allow our students to express themselves. In addition to these subjects of fine art, students also explore architecture and discuss the differences between functionality and aesthetics.


Kindergartners have an opportunity to experience the true meaning of fine arts. They will amaze their teachers and parents with projects and plays created by each individual student. From building designs to pottery making to reciting famous quotes and poetry, our students will appreciate the full spectrum of the Arts.