health and fitness

Early Explorers

Students in the Early Explorers Program start to identify basic body parts by pointing to and beginning to verbalize them. The fitness program promotes the use of gross motor skills by practicing surefootedness, running, walking backwards, throwing balls, kicking, and playing tag.


Students in the Pre-K2 class start to understand basic body parts and healthy foods to fuel the body. The fitness program will have your two year old jumping and kicking soccer balls before you know it while establishing fun physical activities.


In the Pre-K3 class the students attain knowledge of the inner workings of the human body. Motor skills are emphasized with fun engaging activities within our fitness program.


The Pre-K4 class an understanding on how nutrition is essential for a healthy mind and body. Team sports are integrated into the fitness program to encourage sportsmanship, strategy and quick decision making.


In health, Kindergartners plan and setup a healthy eating program for themselves. Our students are also taught how to take care of their mind in how to reduce stress and learn coping skills. In the fitness program our students plan and implement a workout routine they have created based on the fundamentals learned from our fitness experts.

Food and Nutrition

Our Food and Nutrition Program supports our Health and Fitness Academics. The belief food and nutrition are the same is a misnomer; simply, nutrition is the study of nutrients in food and how it affects our body. With this understanding Baylake Academy has established a snack program that encompasses this philosophy. We provide our students with healthy snack options that will encourage healthy eating habits as well as healthy mind.