Preschool Language arts

Early Explorers

Books are an integral part of developing motor skills; reading books daily, page turning, pointing to pictures, picture recognition, and sound imitation from pictures in books are just a few of the skills acquired by our young explorers. A large replica of the first letter in each student’s name helps them recognize letters in addition to object identification using words. Sing-a-longs aid in memory development, and sign language introduces our youngest students to a form of communication to help them relay their thoughts without being able to verbalize it yet. At this age group, our students start realizing routines which provide structure and security while at school.


Students continue to develop fine motor skills by introducing cutting skills and tracing objects aiding the students in becoming more successful writers. The students learn to recognize and name objects and identify letters associated with those objects. Blending sounds from pictures and the collection and investigation of evidence enhance the learning experience. Using location words and categorizing like pictures teaches our children to reference and sort.


Building on Pre-K2 skills, the investigative Pre-K3 students learn to work with letter distinction and tracing those letters as well as rhyming through nursery themes. Book knowledge is introduced with students identifying the title and spine of a book along with learning the difference of an author and illustrator. Color and number words are introduced and used in basic sentence structure to help our students articulate their thoughts. We also teach object isolation to emphasize distinction among objects.


To prepare for kindergarten, our Pre-K4 students learn to recognize sight words to build confidence in reading. Identifying text features, practicing consonant sounds and letters, and phonological awareness are parts of the foundation of reading. Our students learn alphabet organization and interpreting the main idea of a picture. Developing the concept of question words is inherent in almost every process. The emphasis of action words and descriptive phrases is on a fundamental level.


Our Kindergarten students have built a solid foundation up to now and get the opportunity to advance their knowledge to prepare for first grade. Our Kindergartners learn to read, recognize consonant blends and diagraphs, practice spelling and vocabulary, word scrambles, and generate sentences based on pictures. They discover the world around them through reading and journaling.