preschool math programs

Early Explorers

Problem solving is emphasized by making wooden puzzle pieces fit together. The identification of shapes and sorting objects by shape and color are reinforced by using nesting cups.


Learning to distinguish between numbers and count to at least 10, our Pre-K2 students have fun with math through basic shapes and the concept of size using the latest methods to build a strong foundation.


Our Pre-K3 students study the comparison of shapes and size. They will learn to count to at least 20 and identify patterns. We encourage the beginning of complex thought at this level.


Counting to 100, skip-counting by 2 and 5, basic addition and subtraction with figures are only a small part of Math taught. Comparing size, weight, and capacity are fun ways to learn measurements. Our Pre-K4 students are introduced to the value of money. Critical thinking is taught when discovering two-dimensional shapes, shape sides and corners, and growing patterns.


Skip-counting by 10 along with addition and subtraction are just three of the thresholds achieved by our Kindergarten students. Advanced shape identification and sorting/ordering and classifying in addition to data and graphs, probability, measurement and fractions are included in the curriculum to make them first-grade ready.