preschool science

Early Explorers

Our Early Explorers class is introduced to formal and social sciences. Formal science is focused on decision making; social science is the imitation of behavior, following directions, and seeking approval of positive behavior. Positive behavior reinforcement techniques are used daily at Baylake Academy. Simple, hands-on science exploration is a part of our students’ curriculum. Simple, short ideas that work with Early Explorer’s shorter attention spans.


Our Pre-K2 class learns the basics of agriculture by observing plant growth. Students explore the principles of biology, the environment, and earth science. Students learn about the sun, moon and earth introducing them to space.


Our Pre-K3 students gain an understanding of how living things depend on the environment around them. Our students learn that the differentiation among the four seasons affect all living things. We focus on our solar system and identifying the planets. We also explore the world around us through the five senses.


Life sciences for our Pre-K4 students are highlighted by experiencing the scientific perspective of everyday life activities. Science in the kitchen begins by measuring and mixing ingredients in the science room.


In our Kindergarten classroom, our students encounter different experiences; we focus on investigation and experimentation in all the sciences. The six principles of science are utilized in the study of chemistry and physics. The study of space exploration begins with meeting a real astronaut. The students further their study of astronomy by exploring the stars, planets and galaxies.