preschool social studies va beach


Our Pre-K2 students are introduced to the essentials of local geography distinguishing between here and there. Students learn to appreciate other cultures through festive celebrations. Meeting our first responders allow students to recognize the men and women who support us in our most critical moments.


Our Pre-K3 students examine the difference between oceans and continents. Exploring the concept of topography reinforces the elevations of mountains and valleys. Economics begins with Financial Literacy in understanding currency, e.g. identification of coins and dollar bills. Our students learn the location of each state on the map and the history behind our United States flag, e.g. the stars represent states. Also, the significance of historical figures and the impact they had on our country.


In the Pre-K4 class our students learn the basic history of our country, the purpose and branches of our government, and are able to identify state capitals. Financial Literacy advances in this class by learning money management skills along with gaining an understanding of how money is made, the difference between wants and needs when purchasing items, and the importance of saving. We introduce our “Visiting The World Around Us” Program, children have the opportunity to explore countries around the world and the cultures that make them unique. This program inspires our students to become compassionate world citizens while embracing the many different backgrounds that surround us.


Our Kindergarten students gain a more detailed level of Financial Literacy in Economics learning how the financial process works, e.g. earning money, spending, saving, and investing. The subject of anthropology is embedded in our study of humanities. Identifying the modes of living bolsters the pillars of anthropology. Current affairs of our local area are discussed to promote awareness. Map directions and map reading are introduced to strengthen navigational skills. Our “Visiting The World Around Us” Program is at a deeper level of learning exploring cultures of the countries around the world.