technology and engineering classes

Early Explorers

Developmental tools that work on skills such as stacking, building, and nesting support Engineering concepts.


Technology is introduced by identifying technological items at a basic level. Learning to think, create, and share for 2 year old’s are the corner stones of Engineering. Showing friends their latest creation instills one of the three pillars of engineering.


Our Pre-K3 students are introduced to the parts of a computer and learn how other technology is used to improve learning. Engineering is advancing from the Pre-K2 class focusing on the components required to create stable structures.


Our Pre-K4 students gain an understanding of how technology has impacted our society and start using basic computer skills, e.g. how to properly use a mouse. The Engineering process gets more involved with the Pre-K4 class with the planned creation and implementation of a structure or product they designed. The students learn the difference between simple machines and complex machines.


Technology advances for the kindergartner’s gaining knowledge of search engines and document creation. Applying the complete engineering design process to an activity has your kindergartner more than ready for first grade. With this process they have the understanding of how to plan, create, and share their product.